Himanshu: I Did Not Know Him Much………….

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 0 comments

 Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha

I did not know him much, this is how I had to speak about Himanshu (a student of my class in the M.A Previous)  while conducting the condolence meeting for him. Engagement with students for over little less than two decades, you realize  that ‘your students’ are as diverse as the very idea of diversity can offer. Drawn from practically every strata (based on ascribed and achieved status sets), form every ladder of intelligence quotients, you feel that you like some of your students more than others;  many of them are ready converts to your ideas while there are still many who do not agree or align with your position on so many issues, that too so quickly. However, these likes, the agreements and the disagreements, reluctance to accept etc. make the relationship much more complete and gratifying on either side. While talking to your students on a range of concerns; from ‘birth of nation’ to ‘death of community’, you look into their eyes, observe their expressions and imagine them beyond the classroom. And for sure, even in the wildest of imaginations possible, you never envision that your student is ‘framed in’ and a diya with a few incense sticks and flower petals in front……… but that is what happened today and has badly disturbed the individual as well as institutional rhythm at the Department. Sitting there in the auditorium, looking at the colleagues and students you suddenly recognized that the God and his deeds remain under mystic cover forever. A young life, full of umpteen possibilities was just snatched away and explaining it by drawing in ‘God’s will’ is nothing but a fictional consolation. One of my students told the gathering today that he was little leisurely in approaching formal demands such as class or an ICs and his friends and teachers literally pleaded with him to be speedy. And he obliged them and chose quickness of his persona to just disappear.

I did not know him much as I said earlier. Whatever imagination I had been able to draw for him was through my colleagues, particularly from Neera Ma’am. I was told that he had problems with ‘judgement’ and did not want to be judged……. I believe his friends as well as his teachers had conceded to this demand of his and thus nobody ever ‘judged’ him.  But, I am going to disobey my colleagues and shall certainly be judgmental of Himanshu today by pronouncing it loudly, that— 

"It was none of your business to be here, occupy spaces with almost each of the students and the teachers and suddenly call ‘quits’…… I understood and appreciated that you never asked for permission to enter and join the ongoing class, whosoever was the teacher…… that was perfect. But how dare you decided to LEAVE without applying for the same through proper channel."

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